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Hear first podcast interview with Thom and Jessica in episode #51 of the Keto Lifestyle Podcast. 

Thom King founded Steviva Brands, now Icon Foods, in 1999 when his passion for food and his concern about the explosion of metabolic diseases united in a mission of providing consumers healthy alternatives to sugar.  His work is responsible for food manufacturers creating products that contain 50% - 90% fewer sugars by replacing sugar and high fructose corn syrup in their products!  In recent years, his passion for food and optimal health have intersected with his embrace of a ketogenic (low carb, high fat) diet. Thom’s latest project is a line of ketogenic condiments intended to help more people successfully adopt a healthier lifestyle (and they are SO good!). 

The classic definition of success (lots of money) is not what inspires and motivates Thom.  His philosophy is “you aren’t doing well unless you’re also doing some good”. Thom’s first book, Guy Gone Keto, was released May 9, 2018.

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Jessica’s Top 15 MUST HAVE keto products


  1. Keto Clarity book by Jimmy Moore – all you need to know about your new keto lifestyle from a trusted source.
  2. Real Food Keto book by Jimmy & Christine Moore – this will teach you about how to make sure you are applying critical nutritional therapy practices to your new lifestyle so it will work for you and your body in the long term.
  3. Carb Manager app for your phone – track everything until you learn how to be intuitive about your new lifestyle and eating. We can’t know what we are consuming until we learn the details of it.
  4. Keto Mojo blood glucose and blood ketone meter – test to make sure you in Ketosis.
  5. Quest cookies and bars – for when you need a quality quick snack
  6. Lily’s chocolate bars – sweetened only with Stevia
  7. Guy Gone Keto condiments – everything from teriyaki to ketchup to bbq sauce. It’s SO good!
  8. Primal Kitchen mayo – the garlic aioli is amazing with crab cakes and fish!
  9. A journal – you need to journal daily and keep track of what you are doing in your new lifestyle so that it stays a lifestyle and not just a fleeting “diet”
  10. F Bomb nut butters – SO good and packed full of healthy fats!
  11. MCT oil – my favorite is Bulletproof brand’s “Brain Octane” great in everything from coffee to salads
  12. “Whisps” brand cheese crisps – you can add them to salads or soups in place of crackers or croutons or just each them as a snack if you need some crunch or something to dip in your guacamole. SO good!
  13. Red Rush 360 Red Light therapy system – for everything from reducing cortisol to speeding workout recovery time, 10-15 minutes a day in front of this baby can do wonders for your overall health and lifestyle.
  14. Defender Shield cell phone case – decrease the mitochondria destroying EMFs coming from your phone and help to keep them from wrecking your hormones
  15. Zevia naturally flavored sparkling waters sweetened with stevia – includes familiar flavors like “root beer”, “ginger ale”, “grape”, “cola”, Dr. Zevia and more! If you are having a hard time giving up soda – make the switch to these.

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7 Days to beginning your new keto lifestyle – Just add one change a day and have a whole week of new lifestyle changes in places at the end of the week and you are ready to dive into your new Keto lifestyle!


Day 1: Take Measurements and “Before” pics!

            This may not be something you want to do, but this can be so super helpful in the beginning of a health or weight loss journey. Whether you are looking to “get healthier”, lose weight or gain muscle, measuring your progress is super helpful. Don’t rely on the scale whose numbers can be super deceiving as it can’t tell you when you have lost fat, but gained muscle (muscle weighs more) so you can be disappointed in a number that ultimately means nothing.

Measure your bust/chest, waist, hips and take pictures. Weigh yourself if you must, but do not judge your new lifestyle by that number.


Day 2: Start a Journal! 

            Journal every night or every morning, but just make sure you’re journaling.  This is a great place to keep your measurements, write down how you feel each day, keep track of what you are grateful for (so you can focus on that when things get tough because it always does when you are trying to make big changes!), write down what you ate and how it seemed to be affecting you, etc.


Day 3: No more sweets!

            Cut out all sugars, artificial or natural sweeteners, cookies, candies, sugar sweetened drinks, fruit juices, all fruits, alcohol including wine, gums and mints. Getting these out of your life will help you be successful in your new lifestyle.  I often advise clients that they can add some of these back in moderation, but when starting Keto and helping your body become adapted it is best to quit them all cold turkey!


Day 4: Drink more H2O!

            Ideally you will drink ½ your body weight in ounces daily (if you weight 150lbs drink 75 ounces daily).  However, do not exceed 128oz per day. If you drink coffee or tea then you will need to drink 1.5x that amount of ounces in addition to your normal daily ounces count. Often our cravings and “hunger” is simply caused due to thirst.  Make sure to head that off by drinking at least the amount you need every day. And if a craving does hit that is a good time to drink some water. Having a hard time remembering when to drink? Place a color hair band or rubber band (loose fitting of course!) on your wrist for every 8oz glass that you need to consume every day. Remove a band when you have consumed that glass. When you get to the end of the day your wrist should be bare – if it isn’t then you know you need to drink up!


Day 5: Get good Sleep!

            This is a super important step that is so often overlooked. Did you know that if you are overly tired you will have a very hard time making the right dietary choices? It is a fact that when we are sleep deprived our brains will tell us to get quick fuel in the form of glucose and that is exactly what you are trying NOT to do. Sleep deprivation can also cause us to have naturally elevated levels of glucose which will cause elevated insulin production and ultimately lead to reduced levels of ketones.  Try going to bed around the same time every night and getting up around the same time every morning (within and hour). This will help to set your circadian rhythm and will begin to make it easier for you to fall asleep and to wake in the morning.


Day 6: Start tracking your macros!

            The general guidelines to get you into ketosis effectively is 70/25/5 – that’s 70% fat, 25% protein and 5% carbs.  Keep in mind that this is not exactly the same for everyone, but it is a good place to start so at least you have a starting place. To track you want to download an app that will calculate your macros based on what you type in as your meals. I like “Carb Manager”, but there are many. Download a couple and decide what you like best.  The idea is to make sure you accurately track everything you eat into the program so you can see where you need to tweak your intake to achieve the “right” numbers. Keep in mind that without my “Day 7” tip you will have no way to know if what you are tracking is working to get you into and keep you in ketosis!


Day 7: Test your ketone levels!

            How can you know that you are in ketosis unless you test? You can’t!  This is where many people mess up. They think they are doing everything “right”. They have read that you eat a certain ratio of macros, that you eat a certain amount of fats and that you do intermittent fasting and so as long as you do those things according to what you read on the internet, then you MUST be in ketosis, but that is just Flat. Out. Wrong.   What worked or is working for all those people telling you how to do it on the internet may or may not work for you. And this is not telling you to use the urine strips to test – don’t!  I am not going to get into all the reasons they don’t work especially long term, but just know that they don’t. I prefer blood testing over anything. There are different devices on the market that work like a glucometer (many function to measure glucose, as well, using a different strip) and any of them is fine. Just find one, learn how to use it and start testing.  What numbers are you looking for?  Really anything above .5mml means you are producing ketones. Striving to get closer to 1.0-2.0mml may be better, but I know some individuals that never get above 1.0mml lose weight, have health issue resolve and feel great so just find what works for you.  Once you know what “being in ketosis” feels like and you have confirmed it with the meter then I would just test every now and then to make sure what you are doing is still working. Our bodies are constantly changing and we will need to change up what we are doing from time to time to optimize our results. 

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In this episode Jessica responds to listeners questions about being told that their cholesterol numbers are high while they are on a keto diet and specifically addresses a client who is concerned about their most recent test scores.  

How do you know what all those numbers mean and how to talk with your doctor when you feel amazing, but they are telling you that you need to stop eating meat, fat and cholesterol?!  

Here is a quick reference range for your basic lipid panel: 

(provided by Dr. Sinatra - 40 years as a cardiologists and author of The Cholesterol Myth)

  • Total cholesterol level: 180–240 mg/dL
  • HDL cholesterol levels: 40–90 mg/dL for women; 35–90 mg/dL for men
  • LDL cholesterol level: 80–130 mg/dL
  • Triglyceride level: 50–100 mg/dL
  • VLDL levels: 2-30mg/dL

To learn more about cholesterol follow these links:

More info on Essential Fatty Acids:

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Jessica addresses this email that came in from a listener: 

"Dear Jessica,
Good morning. I am sitting here in my living room this morning crying in my coffee. I feel like I am out of control with my diet. I have been low carb for 3.5 years and lost 63 pounds (I started at 216.) I have since gained about 8 pounds and I can’t get it off. I am 46 years old and I am majorly stressing over my food choices.
Confession... I have had at least one bad meal a week since thanksgiving. I know that’s what my problem is but I can’t get it under control. I do great during the week and fail on the weekends. I try to IF but I literally get sick a lot of times if I try to stretch to 16 hours.
When I do good, I have bacon and eggs for breakfast, no snacks and lunch is usually a pc of chicken or a ground beef patty with added butter and a veggie. Dinner is usually a salad with spring mix, a little tomato, Parmesan, roasted pecans, 1 tablespoon of olive oil and two tablespoons of marzetti all natural ranch dressing. I am done for the day after dinner.
What can I do to get back on and stay in track? This a lifestyle not a fad diet. I can’t afford to hire a private coach so I am at this alone. I don’t know of any low carb doctors or dieticians in my area so I have no one to turn to. I don’t do social media so that knocks out any help there. I am scared to trust just anyone. I listen to your podcast so I turned to you once again. "


PLUS we address teen/child athlete nutrition and lifestyle choices and how we, as parents, can help influence them in the most healthful ways possible. 


Finally, below is the calculations for BMR, as discussed. If you would prefer to not do these calculations and have our FitScan scanner do it for you don't hesitate to schedule your appointment. If you are working on make changes to your physique through diet and lifestyle this is THE way to track your progress and know exactly how much you really should be eating to get the results you want!  

You can schedule here at a discount just for being a listener of this podcast! Type the code "KETO LIFESTYLE" into the "notes" section when you book your scan:

To Manually Calculate BMR: 

BMR/RMR – energy required to maintain body systems and control body temperature at rest (Harris-Benedict Equation)

Males: BMR = 66.5 + (13.75 x weight/kg) + (5.0 x height/cm) – (6.76 x age/years)

Females: BMR = 655.1 + (9.56 x weight/kg) + (1.85 x height/cm) – (4.68 x age/years)

Ex: 18 year old female weighs 55kg and is 175 cm tall

655.1+(525.8)+(323.75)-(84.24)=1420.41 (1420 calories)

But THEN you need to figure out your TER (total Energy requirement) based on PALs……….

Physical activity levels (PALs)

Little to no exercise: TER = BMR × 1.2
Light exercise (1–3 days per week): TER = BMR × 1.375
Moderate exercise (3–5 days per week): TER = BMR × 1.55
Heavy exercise (6–7 days per week): TER = BMR × 1.725
Very heavy exercise (twice per day, extra heavy workouts): TER = BMR × 1.9

Same 18 y/o female trains 6 days a week:

TER= 1420 x 1.725 = 2449.5 calories per day

Thank you for tuning into this solo episode where Jessica discusses stress and it's effects on your body and how it can keep you from reaching your weight loss and more importantly your health and wellness goals!  

Links to some products mentioned by Jessica on the show:

Defender Shield iPhone case

Dr. Mercola Earbuds 

LifeArt Blue light blocking glasses 

To reach Jessica via email:

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Jessica shares many of the things she learned from the Nutritional Therapy Association annual conference last week that she thought would help you in your health and wellness journey - especially when it pertains to your Keto lifestyle.  

She shares tips from some of her favorite speakers including: 

Dr. Leslie Korn:

Valerian or Passionflower to help get to sleep faster and ease anxiety

Capomo/Ramon tea for help in relaxation and detox: Teeccino "Cafe de Capomo"


Dr. Jack Wolfson:

"The Paleo Cardiologists" book - download on audible or read it the "old fashioned" way :)  

Also has a podcast called the "Healthy Heart Show"! 

Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD:

Newest book: "Radical Metabolism" has a ton of really thought provoking info! Download on audible or pick up paperback version here.

Great fats for Essential Fatty Acids, both 3 & 6: 

Hemp Seed Oil (get cold pressed) - I like Nutiva brand

Siberian Pine Nut Oil (cold pressed)

Others; Sesame Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil

Don't cook with aluminum or allow it contact with your food - specifically hot foods. This leaches aluminum into your foods!  Use parchment paper like this one to place in between your food and aluminum.

And if you would like more info on using the Fit3D scanner that Jessica now has in her office in Loveland, follow this link:

You can set up your appointment online or reach out to Jessica for more info.  

To set up a free 15 minute phone call with Jessica to learn more about working with her one on one please follow this link:

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Solo episode where Jessica discusses: 

Making Bone Broth and why you should want to have bone broth every day. What is in bone broth that is such a big deal?

Electrolytes: What are they? Why is everyone talking about them? Why are they important when going Keto?  Where can you get them? 

Are you having a hard time figuring out what to eat now that you have moved away from sugar, grains and other carbs?  Listen up for some of Jessy's favorite "keto swaps" and even a sneak peak at some of the items on the grocery list that she provides her nutritional coaching clients. 

Jessica is going to the Nutritional Therapy Association annual conference at the end of this week in Portland, Oregon. If you are in the Portland area she would love to meet you or even see you at the conference - please reach out if you would like to say hi :) .  You may be able to find her at Jimmy and Christine Moore's booth for their new "Real Food Keto" book throughout the weekend as she will be helping them to promote that awesome information!  

If you have had interest in becoming an NTP like Jessica and want more info on the NTA organization please follow this link:

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Anna Limbird owns and operates Carolina Keto Bakery in Raleigh, NC where she resides with her husband, David, and her son, Eli.  After spending years battling restrictive eating and health issues she found the Ketogenic Lifestyle and has never looked back. It has given her the freedom to cook and eat real food and live life to the fullest. 

Join me on this episode (albeit long it is worth it!) as we talk about her history, how she is overcoming negative mindsets around eating and exercising and how Keto is helping her to do just that while also giving her the courage to start a whole new business at almost 40 years old!  

Learn more about Anna and her business, Carolina Keto Bakery here:


Instagram: @CarolinaKetoBakery

Email: Anna@CarolinaKetoBakery

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