March 20, 2020

Episode 107: Special Report on Coronavirus (COVID-19) w/ Immunity Tips & How to Deal with Fear & Anxiety with Neurosurgeon, Dr. Darlene Mayo

Today's Guest: Dr. Darlene A. Mayo is a neurosurgeon and a neuroscientist who helps high achievers reach peak performance of mind, body, and spirit, using unique techniques in neuroscience, so you can unlock your full potential. Through online coaching programs, workshops, and private consulting, she helps entrepreneurs and executives boost your business, revitalize your relationships, and elevate your energy. 

Her books, How to Walk on Fire and Stop Spilling Your Soup transform lives daily by helping you maximize the function of your brain and body.  Her highly anticipated next book, Keys to Your Breakthrough is expected to be released Spring 2020. Dr. Mayo’s influence reaches to global stages as a highly sought after speaker, and her interviews have been featured on Fox News, CBN, Inside Science, Thrive Global, and many other media outlets.

Dr. Mayo’s credentials include an undergraduate degree from Duke University, medical school and neurosurgery residency at the Medical College of Georgia, clinical and research fellowships at UCLA, Emory, Mayo Clinic, and the Atomic Energy Commission in Grenoble, France. She practiced as a neurosurgeon for 10 years and has conducted research in how to use neuroscience to maximize the function of the brain for the last 20 years. She is certified as an executive coach, holds a certification as an educator, and is an honored member of Dr. Caroline Leaf’s Integrated Mind Network. 

She made the leap from traditional medical practice to consulting and coaching because she felt called to use her knowledge and talents to help you break free from the limits of your mind in addition to helping you heal the limits of your body. Since making that transition, she has been able to create a life of joy and freedom for herself and her family, and because of her experience, she is ideally positioned to help you do the same.  

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