March 27, 2018

Episode 38: Shawn Mynar on today with Jessica dishing on all things “Keto for Women” including counting macros, calories, working out, love for sweet potatoes and how to get to intuitive eating.

Today Jessica is talking with Shawn Mynar from the Keto for Women Show podcast. Ladies, make sure you listen in on this one for some great info on how keto can differ for us. We talk about some of the biggest mistakes women make when starting Keto, ways we can find out what will work for us and some things we really should be paying attention to in order to make sure Keto will work for us (and they probably aren't what you think!).

Learn more about Shawn here: and be sure to listen to the Keto for Women Show to hear more great info from Shawn! 

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Instagram: @thatketoblonde



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