March 6, 2018

Episode 35: Using exogenous Ketones, dealing with the Keto Flu, Can you eat Peanut butter on Keto, donating blood when Keto and MORE!

Today we address some listener questions regarding all things Keto including if eating peanut butter on a ketogenic diet is "allowed". Can you still donate blood if you are keto?  What does Jessica think about using exogenous ketones as a supplement? What do you do if you feel terrible after 6 weeks being Keto?  Is that the same thing as the Keto flu? 

Measure your ketones: 

Ketonix breath meter:

LevL breath meter

Keto Mojo blood meter - this is the one I use

Urine Keto strips - OK to use for the first 4-6 weeks to see if you are producing ketones

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