February 27, 2018

Episode 34: Keto for Infertility, pregnancy & breastfeeding in and interview with Dr. Ken Berry! PLUS a Bonus: Are you testing for Ketones and How should you do it?

In today's eposide it is my pleasure to welcome Dr. Ken Berry back to the Keto Lifestyle podcast where we get to talk all about women's health regarding infertility issues, healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding. What are some of the reasons we are struggling with these things in today's world?  Why are issues with these at all time highs?  What can we do about it? Does Keto really help and why?  

Listen as Dr. Berry and I discuss this and more. Also, catch the end of the podcast where I answer a listener question about testing for ketones. Urine strips? Blood testing? Breath meter? Do you REALLY even need to test for ketones?? Why would it even really matter? Ill tell you why in this eposide. 

A few things we mention in this episode: 

The Better Baby Book by Dave and Lana Asprey

"Get Some" ice cream  - how to make it!

Estogeneration book by Dr. Anthony Jay, Ph.D

Unlatched book by Jennifer Grayson

Keto Mojo ketone blood meter

Ketonix Breath Meter

LevL Ketone breath meter

Tune in next week for some listener questions answered where we will get back to going over some of the basics of being keto adapted and why it even matters. 

If you are interested in having Dr. Berry answer YOUR questions in our next interview here on the Keto Lifestyle podcast then send them in so we can answer on the show! You can send your questions to me via email: jessica@jessicatye.com or via facebook: www.facebook.com/jessicatyenutrition.  Label your questions: for Dr. Ken Berry episode and we will get him back on right away to answer all your burning health questions as it relate to diet and lifestyle (and of course the Ketogenic way of eating). 

To find out more information and follow Dr. Ken Berry: 

Follow him on Facebook here

Instagram - @kenberry.md

Watch all his videos on his YouTube channel here

And grab his GREAT book here: Lies My Doctor Told Me: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health

Thanks for listening! 


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