In today's episode we will answer a very indepth listener question that leads us into digestion with keto and how to know if you are getting the proper minerals that we are often deficient in.  How you can test and what you can do once you know you need them? We also discuss a very popular new matress we tried and what we loved and didn't love about it and why you should even care! 

Purple Mattress  - the one we returned and had the most amazing customer service!

Casper Mattress - the new one we bought and are loving!

*We have NO affiliation with either company! 

To take the digestive course Jessica reccommends go here: Kick It Naturally Courses

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I am so excited to share this episode with you today!  One of my favorite podcasters and authors on the planet is Mr. T.C. Hale (aka Tony Hale).  Today we discuss the best diet out there (hint: there isn't one! ;) , the Keto lifestyle, digestion and why it matters and what is up with this whole discussion on pH? Are you too acidic or alkaline and how can you find out?  

You also get a FREE book with this episode from T.C. by going to:

I have this book and it is SO awesome!  You will LOVE what you will learn in this book about your own biology and how to test and learn more :)

Here are some links to more info we discuss in this podcast: 

This movie will be released at the end of 2019.
and here is my new book for health professionals that we mentioned:
Don't forget to go check out his podcast - you will certainly be happy that you did!  
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In today's eposide Jessica gets real and honest about where she has recently struggled when it comes to her own ketogenic way of eating. She also goes over some listener questions regarding chewing gum and ketosis, how to figure out macros and what a 2,000 calorie daily menu might look like. - Keto Mojo blood ketone meter - figure out your macros


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Today Jessica is talking with Shawn Mynar from the Keto for Women Show podcast. Ladies, make sure you listen in on this one for some great info on how keto can differ for us. We talk about some of the biggest mistakes women make when starting Keto, ways we can find out what will work for us and some things we really should be paying attention to in order to make sure Keto will work for us (and they probably aren't what you think!).

Learn more about Shawn here: and be sure to listen to the Keto for Women Show to hear more great info from Shawn! 

To connect with Jessica:

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In today's episode we talk a but about connecting the dots with what our body needs and how it communicates that to us. We also learn about Lingual-Neuro testing and how NTPs utilize that in our practices and why you would want to look into that. Also, we discuss how to feed our kiddos for their best health and some ways you can implement that. 

And finally, a listener question asking about the Carnivore diet - what does that look at and would you be missing out of important nutrients?  

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In today's episode we cover a few different topics where we mention these things you may want to follow-up with:

Starbucks Products ingredients list (Yikes!)

Fat Snax cookies  - a huge hit with the kids and my husband :)

More information on Phase 1 & 2 Liver detox - I think she explains it well here.

My favorite Spaghetti Pizza Bake Recipe: here


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Today we address some listener questions regarding all things Keto including if eating peanut butter on a ketogenic diet is "allowed". Can you still donate blood if you are keto?  What does Jessica think about using exogenous ketones as a supplement? What do you do if you feel terrible after 6 weeks being Keto?  Is that the same thing as the Keto flu? 

Measure your ketones: 

Ketonix breath meter:

LevL breath meter

Keto Mojo blood meter - this is the one I use

Urine Keto strips - OK to use for the first 4-6 weeks to see if you are producing ketones

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In today's eposide it is my pleasure to welcome Dr. Ken Berry back to the Keto Lifestyle podcast where we get to talk all about women's health regarding infertility issues, healthy pregnancy and breastfeeding. What are some of the reasons we are struggling with these things in today's world?  Why are issues with these at all time highs?  What can we do about it? Does Keto really help and why?  

Listen as Dr. Berry and I discuss this and more. Also, catch the end of the podcast where I answer a listener question about testing for ketones. Urine strips? Blood testing? Breath meter? Do you REALLY even need to test for ketones?? Why would it even really matter? Ill tell you why in this eposide. 

A few things we mention in this episode: 

The Better Baby Book by Dave and Lana Asprey

"Get Some" ice cream  - how to make it!

Estogeneration book by Dr. Anthony Jay, Ph.D

Unlatched book by Jennifer Grayson

Keto Mojo ketone blood meter

Ketonix Breath Meter

LevL Ketone breath meter

Tune in next week for some listener questions answered where we will get back to going over some of the basics of being keto adapted and why it even matters. 

If you are interested in having Dr. Berry answer YOUR questions in our next interview here on the Keto Lifestyle podcast then send them in so we can answer on the show! You can send your questions to me via email: or via facebook:  Label your questions: for Dr. Ken Berry episode and we will get him back on right away to answer all your burning health questions as it relate to diet and lifestyle (and of course the Ketogenic way of eating). 

To find out more information and follow Dr. Ken Berry: 

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Watch all his videos on his YouTube channel here

And grab his GREAT book here: Lies My Doctor Told Me: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health

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Today we talk about a listener question that we started last week and tackle how Keto can affect osteoporosis.  We will also talk a little bit about acid/alkaline balance and how alkaline water can affect our health.  

To reach Jessica you can email her at

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Today we are going to talk about a few listener questions that were sent in. Starting with a great question from Tricia who is brand new to Keto about her battle with Fibromyalgia and how her diet may be affecting how she feels.

We even get to hear a follow up from her and how things have been going :)

We will also address Kelly's email that is full of great questions that probably many of you have including "slip ups", macros, how to be an intuitive eater, how much fat is too much fat, how many calories should I be eating and is my work out plan working for me in this new lifestyle?  

I talk a bit about finding "Your Keto", what that even means and why it matters.

Also a few great Valentine's recipes for you as I discussed:


Raspberry Truffles:

Keto PB Cups:

Check back next week for PART 2 of this podcast and listener questions where we will really dive into osteoporosis and how Keto can affect that condition.  

Have a great week and enjoy your Valentine's Day!!!!


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