Today we talk about a listener question that we started last week and tackle how Keto can affect osteoporosis.  We will also talk a little bit about acid/alkaline balance and how alkaline water can affect our health.  

To reach Jessica you can email her at

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Today we are going to talk about a few listener questions that were sent in. Starting with a great question from Tricia who is brand new to Keto about her battle with Fibromyalgia and how her diet may be affecting how she feels.

We even get to hear a follow up from her and how things have been going :)

We will also address Kelly's email that is full of great questions that probably many of you have including "slip ups", macros, how to be an intuitive eater, how much fat is too much fat, how many calories should I be eating and is my work out plan working for me in this new lifestyle?  

I talk a bit about finding "Your Keto", what that even means and why it matters.

Also a few great Valentine's recipes for you as I discussed:


Raspberry Truffles:

Keto PB Cups:

Check back next week for PART 2 of this podcast and listener questions where we will really dive into osteoporosis and how Keto can affect that condition.  

Have a great week and enjoy your Valentine's Day!!!!


In today's episode we talk about what to say to help people understand that Keto is not going to hurt your cholesterol levels and that it may actually be able to help you IMPROVE your cholesterol.  We also answer a listening question in which Tash asks, "how can I get rid of this bad breath I am experiencing since starting Keto?". Don't miss the underlying causes that Jessica talks about and some ways you may be able to help eliminate the bad breath for good by getting to the underlying cause.  A must listen to for anyone who is struggling with bad breath whether you are Keto or not!  

Thanks for listening!

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This is the time of year we are all trying to stay well and not fall victim to whatever virus is being passed around.  I have complied a list of some of my favorite immune boosting supplements, herbs, activities, foods and vitamins that will supplement your already amazing Keto Lifestyle! 

Here are links to some of the products I talk about on today's show:

Redmond's Bentonite Clay

Designs for Health Silvercillin Liquid

Silver Biotics Colloidal Silver 

Pure Encapsulations Zinc 30

Dr. Mercola Liposomal Vitamin C

Designs for Health Oil of Oregano


My Bone Broth Recipe:

In a slow cooker 24-48hrs on low

In Instant Pot 5-7hrs

1-2 free range/organic chicken carcasses with meat removed (we usually use the meat for a dinner and then throw the bones into a freezer bag for storage until we are ready to make the bone broth)

2-3 organic carrots roughly cut

2-3 celery stalks roughly cut

1 medium onion cut into quarters

water to cover chicken bones

garlic, salt, pepper

splash of apple cider vinegar

When it has cooked desired time, pour through a strainer and into a large bowl. From the bowl I strain through a metal strainer into Ball/Mason jars. Once cooled down a bit I seal top on and store in fridge for 5-7 days. If I need longer storage they go into the freezer. Can be stored in freezer for 3-6 months and thawed when needed. 


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In today's episode we will go over the 2nd part of the Keto Lifestyle top ten New Year's resolutions for a great 2018!

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On our very late release podcast release today, Jessica talks about a listener question regarding if the Ketogenic diet can help with Narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. 

We also start the Top Ten Keto Lifestyle New Year's Resolutions with this Part 1 of a two part series that will wrap up on next week's episode. 

Today we talk about #10 - Improved Sleep, #9 - Less Stress and #8 - Being More Grateful/Positive focus

Dont' worry, next week we will wrap up in the hour long podcast with numbers 1-7 :) Stay tuned! 

Thank you for listening!


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Christine Moore is married to the energic personality behind the longest running podcast on the air today, Livin La Vida Low Carb, Jimmy Moore, so she has certainly heard a podcast or two. Not until recently has she ventured out to podcasting in her own right, though. She is a recent graduate of the Nutritional Therapy Association as a Nutritional Therapy Practioner. She co-hosts a brand new podcast called "Nutritional Pearls" where her and Jimmy talk about the amazing things she has learned and wants to pass on to YOU through her NTP training. 

Learn more about Christine Moore and her brand new podcast adventure at

Her and Jimmy have a brand new book coming out next year (go back and listen to last week's Keto Lifestyle podcast to here all about that?) and Christine will have a new practice working with nutiritonal therapy clients up soon. 

To reach out to Christine directly please email her at:

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I hope you enjoyed this episode!

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Today's podcast is an interview with my friend, the funny, the smart and the always entertaining JIMMY MOORE! 

To get more info about Jimmy and to follow up on some of the great knowledge bombs he drops here today you can check him out through the follwoing:

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Keto Clarity

The Complete Guide to Fasting

Cholesterol Clarity

The Ketogenic Cookbook

The Keto Cure (coming Feb. 2018 - preorder)


I hope you enjoyed this episode!

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Maria & Craig Emmerich are super knowledgable in the Keto world and have some really great info to share in this episode and in their latest book "Keto.".  

You can get more info about them and see all the great info they have to offer out there by following any of these links:

Instagram: Craig @cemmerich   Maria @mariaemmerich


As always, you can get more info about my coaching programs through: or email me

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or Facebook:

Have a great week and I will talk to you in the New Year! 

Jessica :)


Jessica and Derek talk about more intuitive eating, when it may be appropriate to count macros and maybe who shouldn't be. They also talk about some holiday party and meal swaps and suggestions to stay Keto through the season and what the difference is between a lifestyle and a diet - and why does it matter?  

Jessica is considering doing a group coaching session in the new year, but isn't sure there is enough interest to be able to make it happen. If you would enjoy being part of a group coaching session with Jessica for a "jump start" with a new healthier lifestyle mostly center on Ketogenic eating in 2018 then please send an email to and let us know. It would be a 6 week session at $295 per person. 

If you have interest in one on one coaching you can visit our website to get more info. 

Merry Christmas to you and yours and we will talk to you next week!

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